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Upper Peninsula Health Care Network

Helping health care providers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to help you.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create opportunities of viability for health care providers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and to improve access to quality health services for residents within their communities.

The UPHCN is a network of community health care providers, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with a shared vision of working together to promote collaboration in areas that will provide quality health care services to the members’ respective communities.

The Upper Peninsula Health Care Network (UPHCN) is a corporation of health care organizations formed to facilitate access to high-quality health care, at a reasonable cost. Together, UPHCN members are continuously working to provide coordinated health care delivery for residents in the Upper Peninsula and surrounding communities.

The Upper Peninsula Health Care Network currently comprises the following members: Aspirus Grand View, Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital, Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital, Baraga County Memorial Hospital, Bell Hospital, Dickinson County Healthcare System, Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, Mackinac Straits Hospital,  Munising Memorial Hospital, Northstar Health System, Portage Health, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, and War Memorial Hospital.

The UPHCN serves the 300,000 residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Collaborative efforts among the network members include sponsorship of the Upper Peninsula Poison Crisis Network, joint purchasing, mobile MRI services, education, electronic posting of a physician directory, the U.P. Medical Library Consortium; the U.P. Teleradiology, Teleconferencing and Telemedicine Networks; a reference lab network; and the Upper Peninsula Regional Blood Center.

The UPHCN continues to develop an Upper Peninsula-wide integrated information systems network, to connect the U.P. hospitals, providing a cost-effective mechanism to access patient information and streamline patient-care delivery.

The network has recently completed a state grant to enhance medical control authorities in the Upper Peninsula. The UPHCN Board of Trustees has decided to continue providing resources, in order to continue this initiative and broaden its scope.

The services of the UPHCN provided to its members are a result of collaboration among mid-level and senior-level managers employed by the facilities. These individuals take time away from their respective organizational responsibilities and participate in activities of the UPHCN for the purpose of adding value and resources to health care within the region. These individuals of the member facilities deserve praise and recognition for their participation in the following UPHCN Committees:

* Board of Trustees
* Business Office Manager Committee
* Chief Financial Officer Committee
* Community Relations Committee
* Dietary Manager Committee
* HIPAA Committee
* Information System Workgroup
* Laboratory Manager Committee
* Materials Management Committee
* Regional Medical Control Network
* Pharmacy Manager Committee
* Radiology Manager Committee

Since its inception in 1995, the UPHCN has made significant accomplishments. In addition to the many services already mentioned, the UPHCN has secured several grants from state and federal sources, as well as from local and national foundations. This money has brought a tremendous amount of administrative support, a wealth of equipment and technology, and community services to the local region.

Dennis H. Smith UPHCN Executive Director
Colleen Balconi UPHCN Manager, Group Purchasing Operations
Peggy Peterson UPHCN Executive Assistant

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President John Schon CEO Dickinson County Healthcare System
Vice President Chuck Nelson CEO Aspirus Grand View
Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital
Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital
Secretary Connie Koutouzos CEO Northstar Health System
Treasurer Scott Pillion CEO Helen Newberry Joy Hospital

James Bogan CEO Portage Health
Kevin Calhoun CEO Munising Memorial Hospital
Margie Hale COO Baraga County Memorial Hospital
Mike Hauswirth COO Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital
Tanya Hoar CEO & CFO Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
David Jahn CEO War Memorial Hospital
Mitch Leckelt CEO Bell Hospital
Rod Nelson CEO Mackinac Straits Hospital

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